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Class helped her with early detection of health issue in shelter dog.

“Firstly I want to say how much I have enjoyed the course I have been doing and will soon sign up for another one.  You are an amazing teacher – so easy to understand and thanks to one of your videos I was able to detect that there was something wrong with one of the dogs at the [shelter] that I was massaging and he was subsequently sent off for tests and diagnosed.”

~Denise R., Australia

“I think she was in constant discomfort and I didn’t know it…”

“The one mare couldn’t lift her right hind more than a few inches for the shoer for any length of time and this week she had her foot up a good 12 inches and held it with no problem! … I think she was in constant discomfort and I didn’t know it but her eyes are softer, her body kinda radiates a bit of a glow if you know what I mean and she’s even waited at the gate for me a few mornings which she never did before….
I love this program! The go at your own pace is perfect for me as life can get hectic and I don’t always get the weeks lesson done.”

~Dalyce M., WA

… normally a nervous little fella… He loves it!!!

Oliver_resultofmassage“I tried some of the massage on my lab/aussie Oliver. He is normally a nervous little fella. I got him at 7 weeks old from the pound, he is now 6 years old. He is very bonded to me but rarely if ever shows me his belly. I massaged his back and here is the result. He loves it!!!”

~Clare K.


Such a thrill to be able to connect with a dog who would otherwise be so hard to reach…

“Thank you so much, Megan!  Your class has already been such a positive experience, and I am really just beginning! I started doing some massage on my dog when she developed arthritis at age 3 with a bad case of Lyme’s disease and anaplasmosis.  Since then, whenever I saw an affordable workshop related to canine massage, I took it.  For the past year I have volunteered with a rescue group, Animal Alliance, where I massage the dogs in their clinic weekly.  Of curse that led to adopting more dogs, as I was immediately connecting deeply with each one that I massaged!  This stuff can be dangerous ;). Seriously, though, it is such a thrill to be able to connect with a dog who would otherwise be so hard to reach due to a physical inability to play or to stress.  And your class makes it at once so accessible AND so …. Complete? Serious? Formal? Deliberate?  I’m afraid I don’t have the minutes available to think of the correct word, but it is WONDERFUL!  And, of course, you are so likable on the videos – I almost feel like I am having a good friend over for tea when I hit “play”.  So thank you!!! And I look forward to each and every installment, not to mention the extras!”

~Beth K.

Even her husband is benefiting!

“I am very overdue in expressing to you how much I have enjoyed this course!  It has turned out to be so much more than I ever imagined.… You have shared so much information in a very manageable format.  I particularly enjoyed being able to watch you work with the horses in the videos.  That in itself really helped me develop a clearer intention in my bodywork, to be such a better listener with the horses I work with and taught me how to be patient and wait for the releases.  I was amazed at how much just these things improved my practice.  In addition, I have added many new techniques to my repertoire. … There is no way I could place a dollar value on how helpful the interviews were! … The information I have received through you really moved me to seek out ways to improve my own health and well-being….  I found a wonderful Chiropractor/Acupuncturist who has really helped me improve some issues I was having in my own body.  After seeing the relief and progress I was experiencing, my husband has gone to this doctor as well! …. You have changed my practice, my horses’ lives, and my life for the better!   THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!”

~Cheryl D., CA


Has helped me to make my dog, Dutchess, more comfortable.

Dutchess17yo“I have learned so much from you and it has helped me to make my dog, Duchess more comfortable.  Duchess is 17 yrs old and has arthritis and the beginnings of kidney failure.  I massage her often and she still has a lot of mobility.  Even with the arthritis in her hips, she can still wag her tail. I’ve been told that dogs lose the ability to wag their tails when they get arthritis.  I think the massages are helping her circulation.  I know she loves getting the massages.”

~Annette G., WA


For her home-schooled son (and his dog and grandma’s cats :-))

“Thanks for all the info thus far.  I have actually signed up for this for my son.  He is 12 and very interested in animal massage.  I home school him and had been looking for this type of info to incorporate into his school lessons.  He watched the first video yesterday and really enjoyed it. He practiced some of what you had talked about on our dog and his grandmas cats….the dog and one cat really enjoyed the massage.  We are just printing off book number two and looks like there will be some great stuff in there for him. Thanks for all the time you have put into this.  Looking forward to what else is coming.”

~Connie A.

Deceptively simple and yet powerfully effective…

“Many thanks for the videos, you always surprise and impress me with your deceptively simple and yet powerfully effective techniques.
Many thanks”
~Phil K.

… the lessons are broken down in just the right amount… and watch…practice… rewatch…

“I am SO VERY excited that I signed up for this class.  The information is incredible and I think the lessons are broken down in just the right amount.  I also love the idea that I can watch (or read) something, go out and practice and then come back and rewatch the video again.  
What a wonderful resource to have.
~Susan S.

Something for everyone, even professionals. And her horses are loving it!

Thank you so so much for offering these classes. I am already a Certified Equine Bodyworker, but I feel you can always learn new things, and boy have I learned much from just the first video!! Everyone should take this course…. I just want to thank you (again) so much for offering this course!! I have been including your techinques in my massages and my horses ALL love them!!

~Sharon W.

A great thing is he can watch the lessons over again and again!

I enjoyed it very much. A great thing with these lessons is I can watch over again and again! I am so happy to take this class … Thank you!

~Teruyo K.

Results for anxious dog….

I worked on my mom’s high-anxiety dog last night using some techniques and info I have learned from your site and videos so far. He was in heaven! I have honestly never seen him so relaxed before. Even with the small amount of info I have learned so far, I was able to make a huge impact on his mood. It made me feel so excited to continue learning and helping animals!

~Amber S., Oregon

Vet noticed improvements before being told about the massages…

I had the vet out yesterday for some work with (my horse) and she commented on how good his back, hips and neck were. When she examined him a couple of months ago he was very tight.  I hadn’t said anything about the massage until after she commented. That was very encouraging for me…….just little things can really help over time.

~L.P., Washington

“I love your narration and the video clips!  They’re perfect and illustrate exactly what you’re talking about. I’m loving this!”

~Brenda H.

Something for a rainy day…

“Megan, It is a rainy day, which is perfect to review some of the information you have sent.  I am using and sharing what you have taught and I am excited to learn more.  Thank you for being brave enough to do this for the animals and for us.  Now, I am off to review more lessons.

Thanks Again”

~Terry M.

From another professional…

I have only watched the  first video (twice). I learned so much just from watching the way your hand touched the horse that it has really already changed the way I am thinking about my work and how exactly, really subtly, I’m using my hands.

~Sarah M., California

Continuing education, and benefits for therapy horses

Your online classes help to pull everything together to make continuing education possible. I’m still volunteering and providing massage for the horses at [a therapeutic riding center] in Lanesville, Indiana…. the owner and director, is very happy with the level of relaxation massage brings to her horses. Your lessons and videos are a big reason that I can continue following my life passion: helping animals (hopefully) find what we all need; the resources within to heal themselves.

Denyse A. Indiana

Loves the convenience…

“I love your lessons! All the texts and videos and audios! The more the better!!!

I love that I can watch and listen when it’s convenient for me, and I really like the ‘printable’ material…. I keep all of it and refer to it when necessary. I’m really glad I signed up for both classes – dog and horse!”

~Louise J., California

Thanks for the “real world” info…

Thanks Megan.  I’m really enjoying the interviews.  They give you “real wold” information! The videos are great was well!

~Emily K., Texas

Great effects of animal massage

Helping her senior dog after a 2-day introductory class

“I wanted to follow up with a big thank you to you for the class this weekend.pepper I worked on Pepper before, during and after her SQ (subcutaneous, or under the skin) fluids last night. It was MAGIC! She was relaxed enough that we were actually able to locate a pocket of skin easily (she is really thin and gets so nervous her skin “sticks tight” to her bones). She was really relaxed during the fluid (she usually finds the whole process to be very traumatic). We were even able to get a little extra fluid in (she needed it). The massage afterwards helped the fluid absorb really fast. And she slept like a baby. Her sleep has been really disturbed lately due in part to some pretty significant anxiety.

I used a little bit of the rocking technique with Pepper when we did the initial insertion of the needle.  It seemed to immediately soothe her. I think it is going to be really effective when she suffers some of the night terrors she seems to have been plagued by in the last year or so.

So, once again, thank you so very much. I am looking forward to working on my other dogs but I didn’t want to put off dropping you a note about our first foray into putting some of what I learned “to the test”. I couldn’t be more thrilled!



PS: Pepper is 17-year-old and came to me as a rescue dog when she was 3 or 4.  About a year ago she was diagnosed with early stage renal failure.  We have been having extraordinary success maintaining her kidney function with the SQ fluids.  The biggest challenge has been how traumatic the process has been for her. Imagine my joy at having such success with my first attempt at integrating massage into the process!”

~Shannon Manion, Olympia, WA

Complementary to veterinary chiropractic and acupuncture

deleeuw1“As a vet, my primary goal is to keep horses performing without any pain, and by doing so prevent injuries from occurring. Megan’s massage and myofascial release work has been invaluable to my patients both alone and in combination with chiropractic therapy and/or acupuncture. Her results have enabled me to reduce the frequency of treatments because their muscles improve so significantly.”

~Dr. Kari De Leeuw DVM, VSMT, CVA

Equine Holisitc Sports Medicine, Moss Beach, CA

Improving teamwork, nurturing relationships

“Megan has worked on me and my horses for years. Her skill through compassionate feel has healed our bodies and nurtured our relationships. The benefits we have experienced through multiple massage modalities has improved our teamwork whether during injury or maintenance.”

~Robyn Smith, trainer and teacher of horsemanship, Bothell, WA

Competitive edge for star athlete

splendid“Dr. De Leeuw referred me to Megan for a muscle strain on my Dutch Warmblood, Splendid. In one session, Splendid was better than before. He went on later that month to be both USDF and Northwest 2005 Dressage Champion at 3rd Level.”

~Jaclyn Humphrey and Splendid, 9th in nation for USDF “Horse of the Year” 2006 at 4th Level

Massage not a luxury

“I’m so happy our vet recommended Megan. There is no doubt her massage treatments were crucial in helping heal my mare’s bizarre leg injury. Her treatments even made Feather’s chiropractic adjustments more effective. If anyone believes massage therapy is  a luxury for horses, they are sadly mistaken. I honestly don’t think there is any other type of treatment that would have facilitated the dramatic results we achieved. Megan is a true healer.”

~Vanessa Lee, LMP, Monroe, WA

Helping physically and emotionally

“Since we had an accident with our three horses in our horse trailer, Megan has been a HUGE part of our horses’ overall health and recovery. It’s hard to define, because her work affects the horses physically , emotionally and systemically. For example, once for Magica, my mare with chronic/acute laminitis, Megan worked on a meridian related to fear before a wind storm, and it actually helped her not get amped, which would have exacerbated her condition. There have been times she has relaxed her so much that Magica will lay down, get off her feet and take a nap, which is exactly what she needs. Over the years, we have witnessed so many therapeutic signs with each of our horses. You can see in their eyes a relaxation and overall contentment, licking of lips, as they melt into Megan’s touch. Not only does it feel great for them, it is healing and therapeutic. The other mare, Classica, will now lift her back legs for the farrier without being anxious or in pain. And, after a session with my stallion once, he started running and playing with his jollyball, kicking up his heals, which he hadn’t done for an entire month. That’s proof to me he was feeling better!”

~Denise Sparrow and Jerry Burns, Birdsview, WA

Reducing resistance and stiffness

“Wanted to let you know that the MFR has had great results!  Glenella is not showing the resistance to movement in the hind end any more.  No more stiffness following exercise either.  She is very ready to work now and is learning that movement and pain are not synonymous.  The left front shoulder is coming along as well; there is less limping with each exercise session.

Thanks very much for all the good work.”

~Julie Rodgers-Phan, Washington

Visible change in posture and expression

“I’ve worked with animals since 1996 and have known about Megan Ayrault for years. In my professional circle, word travels fast about excellent practitioners.  That’s why Megan was my first recommendation when a close friend of mine asked for a referral for a massage practitioner for her horse.

Soon after that I was fortunate enough to be able to watch Megan in action when I attended one of Megan’s massage sessions with my friend’s horse.  In addition to her calming presence, a must when working with animals, Megan’s massage technique was clearly welcomed by the horse. The horse stood patiently while Megan worked with him. By the end of the session I could see a visible change in the horse’s posture, a releasing of his muscles and a softened expression in his eyes.  What a pleasure to be able to observe a true professional in action!

I will happily keep sharing Megan as a valuable resource for any of my clients whose animal companions could benefit from her work.”

~Polly Klein of Tonglen Healing Arts for Animals, Issaquah, WA

Scar tissue improvements (from a student)

“I just wanted to give you an update on my case study of the horse with the scar on her back. You were absolutely correct, it has changed a lot. I did 4 sessions on her once a week. Her owner came to see her today for the first time since I started this and could not believe the change.  The scar definitely appears smaller, it is softer and she now has feeling through it. She does appear to be able to round her back better when she is being ridden and asked to stop. Her owner was so impressed that she signed her up for 6 more sessions once a week and then wants to reassess her progress and go from there.

This has been really exciting and fun work to do. I stuck to my maintenance strokes and they seem to do the trick. The back stretches along her spine are improving every week so that is encouraging.

I had my first vet referral. Three-year-old with a LARGE knot in her glute that made her lame.  The vet prescribed 6 massage sessions. By the 3rd session the knot was out and she was moving soundly on the lunge line.  I did session 4-6 while they started riding her again and she is sound and her hip muscles feel normal. Working on her was very interesting. As her knot was on the left side she was straining the right side protecting her left. By the 2nd session I could feel the right getting tighter. That was really beneficial for my awareness.

Thanks again for all your help and encouragement,”

~Sherry Gorham, cLAMP, Central Point, OR

Injury recovery with teamwork

“Two years ago, my 18 year old Arab gelding, Poco, suffered an unknown accident overnight. After… several weeks…his leg/hip seemed to get better, but other problems began to emerge. My regular vet suggested, rather than continued meds, I should have him seen by a chiropractor….

Dr. DeLeeuw was gentle and very professional. She said he had several vertebrae out of alignment in his back, but that his biggest problem came from torn hip muscles that had not been addressed and had subsequently healed improperly. He was, by then, moving around like an arthritic old horse, from weeks of compensating for the knotty scar tissue that had built up, and whatever had occurred in his back that had not been addressed from the beginning. She made some joint and spinal adjustments and suggested equine massage therapy with Megan Ayrault. Another road we’d never been down before.

Since that time, Megan has become one of Poco’s favorite people and a friend of the family. She spent two hours with Poco the first time she met him. He was as skeptical as I was, his eyes were as big as saucers and he was hesitant to stand still while this stranger pushed and prodded and kneaded his sore little body, but soon found that her manipulations made him feel better. Slowly, over a period of months, his knotted muscles began to relax. After learning what to look for, it was obvious that Poco knew exactly how to communicate his appreciation, or lack thereof, with a pressure or a stroke on a sore muscle or ligament. The scar tissue was being absorbed and remodeled with the work, and he was regaining his long, easy stride. It took the better part of a year of twice monthly visits by Megan to return Poco to the energetic horse he’d always been, but time and loving work on muscles that had been tied up in knots, has returned Poco to a sound, ridable horse who once again loves to run and play and kick up his heels in his pasture and on the trails. And all of this with no medications whatsoever.

Thanks to Megan and Dr. DeLeeuw, Poco and I have become big believers. And although we don’t have her out as often, if Poco gets a little sore from an over vigorous trail ride or from playing too hard in his pasture, a visit from his “masseuse” seems to be just what he needs to undo the soreness.

I was also lucky enough to have been able to take a two day course in “massage for horse owners” during which I learned some of the basics. I’m not a replacement for Megan, but Poco does let me know that he appreciates my attempts to soften a sore muscle until his “regular masseuse” can make it out to see him.”

~Alice Prince, Kirkland, WA

Megan’s Books

A Veterinarian’s View

“As a Veterinary Spinal Manipulative Therapist (chiropractor), I feel it is important for animal owners to do follow-up massages at home after my treatments. The Dog Lover’s Guide to Massage and The Horse Lover’s Guide to Massage are perfect guides. Both books show owners how to proceed safely while providing very beneficial therapy. This knowledge would enable owners to detect problem areas more easily and give them valuable tools to provide pain relief and aid healing for their own animals.  If more owners practiced the techniques discussed in these books, their animals would very likely need fewer treatments from their veterinary chiropractors.

Using the massage techniques in this book will give owners a better awareness of what is going on with their dog’s or horse’s body. By following the change in the soft tissues and muscles, they will likely notice areas of heat, pain, or swelling very early. A perceptive owner can bring an animal’s problem to my attention much sooner. This way I can treat the animal much more easily than if the problem had been brewing for months before being noticed.

Megan Ayrault is a gifted massage therapist; I have seen the benefits of her work

firsthand. One of many examples involved an older mare who was so sore after having her neck propped up to get her teeth floated that she did not even want to move her body at all. Megan was able to get out to see the mare before I could, and obtained near- miraculous results with her massage work. Megan went just deep enough to give the mare relief and speed healing without causing any additional soreness. I would not trust just anyone working on a patient this fragile, but Megan has a special touch. She also conveys this same calm, patient, healing intention to the readers of her books.

As an equine and canine veterinarian, chiropractor, and acupuncturist, I would love for all of my clients to have the education that Megan’s animal massage books provide!”

~Dr. Kari De Leeuw DVM, VSMT, CVA

Equine Holisitc Sports Medicine,   Moss Beach, CA

Much more than just a “how to” book

“I am a horse artist and I have six rescued horses, however horse massage is something I’ve never thought I could learn myself.  I always felt I’d have to learn detailed anatomy and techniques in an expensive course.  Megan Ayrault’s book, The Horse Lover’s Guide to Massage, is enlightening and easy to read.  She offers practical tools and techniques that can be incorporated into daily life.  The photos and illustrations are well done, and her demonstrations and suggestions for how to understand a horse’s needs from a wholistic perspective, and her suggestions of how to incorporate massage into your lifestyle, make it much more than just a “how to” book.   Megan has inspired me to find new ways to spend some special time with my horses.”

~Kim McElroy,  Artist, Spirit of Horse Gallery,  Kingston, WA

For all dog lovers

“If you have a dog, if you know someone with a dog, or if you are thinking of getting a dog…you need The Dog Lover’s Guide to Massage: What Your Dog Wants You to Know. Concise, compassionate and comprehensive insight into how massage can help you help your pet.”

~Lola Michelin, Northwest School of Animal Massage,   Vashon Island, WA

A perfect gift

“Reading The Horse Lover’s Guide to Massage should be on every horse-owner’s, rider’s or trainer’s To-Do list. Few could summarize the vast world of massage and bodywork with such clarity and enthusiasm as Megan has in this book.  Having known her and watched her professionally for many years, I was overjoyed to see how much of her compassion for the animals shines through in her words.  I now have an answer for that plaguing question; ‘What can I get my horse-loving friends that they don’t already have!'”

~Lola Michelin, Northwest School of Animal Massage,   Vashon Island, WA

A fresh view that will help you connect

“I was very pleased when Megan asked me to review her books:  The Horse Lover’s Guide to Massage and The Dog Lover’s Guide to Massage.  Megan has presented both a very fresh view of the essentials of massage, and more importantly a way for us all to better connect with and care for our animals.”

~Jim Pascucci, Animal Structural Integration,  Longmont, CO

Invaluable and easy to follow resource

“Megan’s books are a wonderful resource for every animal lover! The massage

information is easy to follow and the Basic Techniques with Anatomy Connections are invaluable and will help enhance your understanding of your animal’s overall health and well-being.”

~Kim Bauer, Animal Ease Therapies, LLC,  Parkdale, OR

For every reader at every level

“Wow! I love these books! They are the obvious product of much intelligent thought, knowledge, intuition, and command of the phenomena of the physical body; well organized, complete and challenging, but accessible to a wide variety of readers. Every reader at every level will be informed, enlightened, perhaps reminded of important elements of this humane art.”

~Cindy Reynolds, PhD, LMP, Second Wind Farm,  Snohomish, WA

The magic of bodywork

“In The Horse Lover’s Guide to Massage and The Dog Lover’s Guide to Massage, author Megan Ayrault has created concise, yet thorough how-to guides for the conscientious horse and pet owner.  The books are filled with her unique wisdom, intuition and compassion.  The explanations are clear and thoughtful and every word is carefully chosen to provide the reader with a truly memorable education.  Having witnessed Megan’s professional work with animals and people for nearly a decade, I was pleased to see that her warmth and her deep-seated belief in the magic of bodywork are as evident in her writing as in her massage.”

~Joan Sorita, LMP, Sorita Equine Massage,  Bothell, WA

On the Guided Journals

Massaging My Horse and Massaging My Dog,

(companion workbooks to The Horse Lover’s Guide and The Dog Lover’s Guide)

“As a veterinarian, I am impressed by the format of the guided journals. They enable the reader to proceed with enough caution to not do damage, yet the step-by-step guidance should instill confidence that what they are doing will help their animal companion.”

~Dr. Kari De Leeuw DVM, VSMT, CVA

Equine Holisitc Sports Medicine,   Moss Beach, CA

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