A Note from Megan

To the animal caregivers of tomorrow,

ayrault-1012As more and more adults today learn skills like animal massage for the first time, they always find themselves wishing that they had learned about it when they were younger. So why wait? Animal wellness will one day be in your hands, and sooner than you probably imagine.

With massage you can

  • Help animal’s be healthier, happier and more comfortable.
  • Notice more quickly when your animal isn’t feeling his or her best.
  • Learn about your own body and health by learning about animals.

ayrault-519One great way for you to get started is with my books on animal massage. They’re written about dogs and horses, but you can also learn a lot in them that will help you with cats or other animals. To get special discounts on these books and journals for youth groups such as 4-H clubs, Pony Clubs, Scouts and Home-Schooling Cooperatives, just e-mail me.

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Depending on how old you are, and also on the size and behavior of the  animal you’d like to learn with, you may need to have an adult helping you. Even if they think they’re too busy, they’ll find that learning animal massage with you will be fun and interesting, so encourage them, even if you don’t really need their help!