Thank you for your interest in Serving Therapy Animals!

servingNote: All of the following information and ideas apply equally to animals served by non-profit rescue and shelter organizations.

Ways to support therapy animals in your area

Two of the non-profit organizations that we salute, and look forward to partnership with in the coming years:

For more animal therapy and rescue organizations, see our Resources page.


You may find opportunities as a volunteer to practice animal massage. In some cases this can provide important benefits to therapy or shelter animals and certainly great enjoyment and fulfillment for yourself. However, realize that in many cases it may be more appropriate for massage to be performed by professionals due to safety considerations for both you and the animals. The best first step in supporting the animals will be to simply volunteer your support to the organization of your choice, and then determine how best your skills can benefit all involved.

Professionals may wish to volunteer their services in a variety of ways:

  • as a consultant to an organization or to a professional serving an organization
  • by offering pro bono massage and/or bodywork services to organizations


Donate to or raise funds for a non-profit program near you.

You may choose to suggest that some or all of your donation be used toward professional massage or bodywork for the animals.


Inspired about helping therapy animals get much-deserved massage and bodywork?

Spread the word!

  • Find a professional near you and tell them about the organization you support. Click here for ideas to inspire them.
  • Contact the organization you support. Share information and your experiences related to the benefits of animal massage and bodywork with staff, volunteers and administrators. Send them to as a resource to learn more. Link them with the Animal Wellness Network.

Creative alliances

Whenever animal therapy/rescue organizations work together with animal care professionals, it enhances public awareness of the organization as one which places the highest priority on the care of its animals.

There are many ways that animal care professionals, non-profit organizations and the animals involved, can all connect and mutually benefit in a win-win-win relationship.

Professionals can provide:

  • Discounted or free services to the animals
  • Gift certificates to be auctioned, raffled or sold at fund-raising events
  • Educational demonstrations and workshops

(These events could benefit volunteers and staff, be used as a fundraiser, and also provide P.R. for the professional offering discounted or donated services.)

Organizations can provide:

  • Opportunities for animal care professionals to educate staff, earn income, gain experience, connect with potential clients, and promote their industry by raising public awareness of the benefits of animal massage and bodywork.


Animals can provide:

  • Their priceless and precious selves, as they have done all along!