Dog and Cat

puppyVideo of “Loosening the Legs” technique from The Dog Lover’s Guide to Massage

Video of “Vibrations” technique from The Dog Lover’s Guide to Massage

What’s the point of animal massage?“: video of Lola Michelin at Oregon Humane Society

“So your cat wants a massage”: video by Maryjean Ballner

Video of Jim Pascucci demonstrating body therapy technique for a dog

Speaking for Spot: website and book by Dr. Nancy Kay

The Holistic Pet: Raising Your Dog or Cat Naturally, by Lara Evans Bracciante

A Pet Owner’s Guide to Dental Care, including additional links for more info information on alternative, holistic, complementary health care for pets.

Video of water therapy, acupuncture, massage, etc  information about complementary and alternative therapies in veterinary medicine (CAVM).

Any smoker’s in your home? Here’s a resource for you.