On-line class: Back Care Basics for Horses: a month of lessons on your own schedule and a year of coaching!

(Note: this class is excerpts from the Equine Back Pain class)

Our courses are approved as electives or Continuing Education by the American Council of Animal Naturopathy.

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    • Help your horse reduce pain and recover more quickly.

    • Improve athletic ability and longevity with a healthier back.

    • Prevention= “a pound of cure”!

    • Earlier detection means better prognosis.

    • Click here for research study on back pain in horses.

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    Remember, you have a 30-day money-back guarantee.


    So check it out for your horse today!

    Every week (x4) you will get…

    • Information-packed video lessons. Topics include: massage and bodywork techniques for the back, ribs, diaphragm, and hindquarters, back stretches, anatomy, body mechanics, reading your horse’s feedback, safety, and much more.

    • “Anatomy Connections” lessons that will help you learn the what, how and WHY for each technique.

    • Expert interviews (audio) sharing more tips and advice. Topics include: chiropractic care, saddle fit, rider influences, bodywork, and much, much more.

    • + Coaching/Q&A available by e-mail anytime Plus Monthly Student Group Coaching Sessions for minimum of 1 year. Sessions via Skype, Zoom or similar format. Schedules to be posted from 1 week to 2 months in advance. Days/times will vary to accommodate students in various time zones. Sessions will be recorded for later access anytime for students only

    Total Value= $350-$500 or more (and no travel expenses for you).

    Only $197 for all lessons and coaching!

    Most ridden horses have at least some (subclinical) back pain.

    A 2007 research study on back pain in horses showed positive effects from chiropractic, massage and bute, as compared with two control groups. (Each was tested separately, with chiropractic and massage being more effective than bute.)

    What I find especially interesting from the study is this….

    “Researchers theorized that subclinical back pain is present in all ridden horses…. Thirty-eight HEALTHY adult horses WITH NO HISTORY OF BACK PAIN from four farms were used for this study….

    We hypothesized that low-grade back pain or inflammation was present in ridden horses, and we found this to be true; otherwise the MNTs would not have increased in all three treatment groups relative to the two control groups,” said Haussler… (A higher MNT means more pressure is required to elicit a response, so the horse is less sensitive or painful.)”

    from theHorse.com, “Reducing Back Sensitivity” by Christy West, Digital Editor/ProducerMarch 30 2008, Article # 11573 Presented at the 2007 American Association of Equine Practitioners Convention, held Dec. 1-5 in Orlando, Fla. Kevin Haussler, DVM, DC, PhD, assistant professor within the Department of Clinical Sciences at Colorado State University, reported on the study.

    This convenient, on-line, go-at-your-own-pace class includes:

    • Massage skills, assessment techniques, anatomy information and coaching
    • 4 weeks of Video Lessons (You can take as long as you need to watch them.)
    • Regular e-mails with extra tips, and to remind you to practice 🙂
    • 4 Expert Interviews (audio recordings) sharing even more tips and advice. Professionals interviewed include a veterinarian (chiropractor and acupuncturist), saddle fitter, and founders of premiere equine massage schools.
    • 4 “Anatomy Connections” lessons to go with each of the sets of techniques learned
    • Lessons on reading your horse’s feedback to improve communication and trust
    • Bonus: Massaging My Horse: A Guided Journal (e-book, normally $9.95)
    • And of course, you’ll have my e-mail to get more questions answered 🙂

    No risk, 30-Day Money Back Guarantee


  • You get to attend your lessons anytime, anywhere that’s convenient for you.
  • You can take as long as you want to go through all the lessons.
  • You can hit rewind or pause anytime, and watch the videos over and over.
  • You don’t have to travel anywhere, which can be expensive and inconvenient.
  • You can practice with your own horse
  • Maybe most important of all, you’ll be learning gradually, and practicing over at least 16 weeks. This helps you create new habits, and also helps your horse learn about massage gradually, too. How often have you learned something, only to try it a few times and then set it aside and forget about it? With this on-line, multi-media format, you’ll get the lessons delivered a little at a time, so it’s not overwhelming with too much information to absorb all at once. And each time you get a new lesson or tip in your e-mail, you’ll be reminded to take a few minutes to practice, and your skills will build quickly.
  • And the power of the internet makes this education much more affordable. You could easily pay anywhere from $1000-$2000 (not including travel expenses or time away from work) for a class that would cover this kind of information in person, and without all the other advantages of the on-line format.
  • Remember, you can take as long as you need to watch your videos and read your other lessons and e-mails, and you get a 30-day money back guarantee, so go ahead and get started today while my offer is right here in front of you. Try it out, and see how much your horse will thank you!