Welcome Horse Lovers! iStock_000003656544XSmall

Here are some ways I can help you and your equine partner.

I can teach you to “listen with your hands” and discover a whole new language in the power of touch for horses.

And have fun doing it!

(Skeptical? No problem. I promise, even on-line, you can learn this, money-back guaranteed!)
On-line classes are all go-at-your-own-pace adventures in wellness and healing. 🙂

If you can receive an email, you have enough technical know-how to be successful at this.

(With help from me whenever you need it.)

iStock_SmilingHorseMiniClick here to view several e-courses I’ve made for you so far.


NWSAM202Could your horse use help with immune boosting, calming, grounding, trust-building?

For “Rescue Horse” Massage (NOT only for rescued horses), please e-mail me, megan@AllAboutAnimalMassage.com

The “Rescue Horse” Massage class is TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE while I get it updated. If you already purchased it, you do, of course, still have your lifetime access! For now, that access is to the original version. When it’s been updated, you’ll be transferred to the new version. If you don’t have it yet and would like to enroll, you may email me so I can be sure to notify you when it’s available again.

megan_with_horse_thumbAre you a rider who would like some short, simple routines for pre-ride prep and post-ride recovery?

Pre-ride/post-ride tips, Coming Soon!