Compassionate Connections

ningThe Animal Wellness Network is a network of animal wellness professionals. It is a world-wide community, growing day by day.

Visitors can:

  • Find professional animal wellness services
  • Read blogs and group discussions on a range of topics

Professional members can:

  • Create a profile page  Read tips on setting up a profile
  • Use your page as a website, or link to your own
  • Advertise workshops you teach
  • Network with other members
  • Write a blog
  • Create and join groups
  • Participate in discussions
  • Membership is free!

Disclaimer: Animal Wellness is a community network, open to the public. Megan Ayrault, her associates, All About Animal Massage and the network itself are not responsible for the content of individual members’ profile pages, blogs, group discussions, nor for evaluating members’ credentials.  You can help create a positive, productive atmosphere by sharing any suggestions or concerns with Megan.
It is up to each visitor or member to assess the qualifications of any individuals contacted for information or services.

Tips for setting up your profile

  • Read the suggestions given to Network visitors on the Main page for using the “Search” tool. This will help you anticipate words they might be choosing.
  • Visit other members’ pages for ideas and inspiration!
  • In your “About Me” section include any key words that will help people using the Search tool to find you.
  • Upload photos to help people get to know you.
  • When you list where your services are available, list several descriptions and/or general ones, such as your state or country. This will help people searching by geographical area find you.
  • Remember to test out the “Search” tool on the network when you think you’re finished setting up your profile, and see whether your page comes up for search words you would want it to.