Calling all colleagues!

All About Animal Massage considers all animal care professionals as colleagues. When we each promote our own business, the whole animal wellness industry benefits, and when we promote the industry, our businesses benefit. Best of all, as animal owners learn more about the many resources available, they and their animals all benefit.

Here are some ways you can promote the industry of animal wellness, and your own business at the same time…

Write Articles

Have you written, or would you like to write, an article related to animal massage and bodywork or related topics?  Post it on-line and let us know. We can see about linking to it so you can share it with more readers.

Suggested Topics

  • Modalities of massage, bodywork and energywork
  • Related disciplines such as chiropratic, acupuncture, homeopathy, saddle fitting, farriery, dentistry, training, and more.
  • Anatomy, physiology and movement
  • Benefits of therapies for specific conditions, injuries and situations
  • Case studies
  • Use of related tools or products
  • Your additional suggestions…

Length: under 1300 words is recommended


Do you already, or would you like to Blog on a topic related to animal massage and bodywork? Increase your audience by linking to the AAAM website and to your profile page on the Animal Wellness Network. You can also use the blog already available on your network page.

Share resources

Do you have suggestions of resources to include in the AAAM “Resources” file or the Store? Send us your suggestions so these resources can reach a wider audience. Resources may include websites, YouTube videos, articles, schools, organizations, products, news and events. Perhaps you’d like to share information on a modality not yet included in our Glossary. Send us a short paragraph describing or defining it, and we’ll see about making the addition.

You can also share the resource of this website with your community by posting an All About Animal Massage flyer anywhere other animal lover’s will see it: pet stores, stables, veterinarian clinics, schools, health food stores, etc! Download a flyer (pdf).

Demonstrations and Workshops

Promote your workshops for free on the Animal Wellness Network by joining the “Workshops” Group there and posting the information. Workshops are valuable tools to educate whole groups at a time and to promote your business and the benefits of animal massage and bodywork.

Carry Products

Whether as part of your vendor booth at an animal-related event, at your own workshops and demonstrations, or one-on-one with your clients, providing animal care products can support animal wellness, attract favorable attention to your animal care business, and supplement your income. There are many possibilities of products that may interest you. One resource is the Animal Wellness Network, where you can find professionals who carry and/or create products you may want to consider for your own business.

The Dog Lover’s Guide to Massage and The Horse Lover’s Guide to Massage books make excellent, complementary products for your business because they increase your clients’ and potential clients’ understanding and appreciation of animal massage and bodywork and of professional services. You can purchase these books with a quantity discount and enjoy some additional profits as well.