Senior dogs and horses (and cats, and ‘other’!)

Yes, for seniors, and also some FYI about…. (that’s National Board of Certification for Animal Acupressure and Massage). This evening I’ll be doing a webinar for NBCAAM, on Supporting Senior Animals with Acupressure/Shiatsu, Based on the Energy and Physiology of Aging. I’ve only done a few webinars before, so a little nervous, but mostly excited!

And though this webinar is only free for NBCAAM members,
1. You may be a NBCAAM member?
or 2. You may want to check them out and consider becoming a member?
or 3. You will get the same information from the webinar (I may even use the recording), and a whole lot more, as part of the online course I offer, Senior Dogs: Meridian Massage, Acupressure and More. And I’ll be making a similar course coming soon for Senior Horses!

For details on the Senior Dog class, visit (and the Valentine’s sale price ends Tues midnight. I’m making it good past Valentine’s Day because of the NBCAAM schedule. I want it available for that audience, too.) is providing important support for the growing profession of massage and bodywork for animals. I’m honored to be on the Board. Professionals and anyone interested in supporting the profession can be a member. And members are invited to this evening’s webinar (and others) for free. And no problem if you can’t make it live, members will be sent access to the recording if you register for it. Or get it in my class!

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